Basic First Aid

It’s a fact that a practical knowledge of first aid can save lives.  A basic first aid course is attended by our volunteers to be prepared for emergencies at home or play. Simple hands-on knowledge of basic first aid can make a difference in an emergency.

Basic First Aid

Toddler Development Programs

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s we focus on school readiness. Children who do not have a school placement for grade R are invited to Miss Loretta’s “Little Jewels” class, where she focuses on developing skills necessary for Grade 1.
These children also form part of our Tuesday and Thursday gathering of 160 children where we learn, sing and play based on the Word of God.

Shine Course

Shine is an 8 week course for women that helps to develop an understanding of her own personal worth, strength and purpose and realize the potential within her to live her best life.


First Light on BrightStar was designed as an introduction to the BrightStar Life Skills Programme. Facilitator Margaux Reitzma presents this course to all of our Community Volunteers.


We make use of specially trained facilitators from The World Needs a Father to present The Mother Design course to our volunteers. Our heart is to partner with TWNAF to empower mothers in a fatherless generation. Part of our and their goal is to help mothers support their husbands, because the TWNAF vision is counter-cultural and cannot be accomplished alone. But even closer to our hearts is helping mothers and wives understand the unique keys they hold to building a strong marriage and a firm, loving foundation for the family.