Feeding Program

We strife to provide balanced meals where we can:

  • over 200 children and volunteers with breakfast and lunch twice a week
  • breakfast and lunch for 40 preschoolers 3 times a week
  • meals are also served to 150 children and volunteers twice a week during the June and December holidays
  • contributing groceries to the Lighthouses in the community
  • food parcels to families in crisis

Children enjoying food

Discipleship Program

The early toddler discipleship is based on the Hope for Children Program, grounded on the Word of God.  We teach them about God’s great love and master plan for their lives. Through this, they can all believe in a good future for themselves and eventually make a difference in their own communities.

Bible lessons and worship

Fine Motor Skills

Our children don’t need much encouragement running and jumping, but developing their fine motor and perceptual skills are equally important for preparing them for school.

We make use of fun playtime activities to stimulate and help our toddlers develop the necessary skills. E.g.:

  • Drawing and scribbling
  • Stacking, sorting and stringing
  • Poking and pinching play dough
  • Cutting and pasting
  • Reading and paging through picture books
  • Listening to stories

Gross Motor Skills:  Junior Kinetic Program

In early childhood, the development of gross motor skills enables toddlers to run, jump, climb, skip, balance and develop endurance for maintaining posture when sitting at a desk.

Our perceptual-motor program uses a variety of equipment such as balls, hoola-hoops and trampolines and focuses on the following aspects:

  • locomotor skills needed for visual motor integration, midline crossing and motor planning
  • posture for balance (static and dynamic)
  • coordination (eye-hand & eye-foot)
  • rhythm and timing
  • body awareness and laterality

Children learning large motor skills


Clothing Project: rain jackets, tracksuits, second hand clothing

The project envisages the collection of pre-loved children’s clothes and then distributes it to the families in need.

Through this project the children will be provided with new clothes (tracksuit, socks, beanie and water boots) that they can wear during the cold and wet Cape winter season.

Every child is provided with a warm rain jacket.

Clothing Project

Feathers: Children sleeping bags and blankets

Through the Feathers project, we are able to hand out  blankets and specially made waterproof children’s sleeping bags. An annual survey are made to determine the number of children who do not have a bed or mattress, having to sleep on the floor.

Feathers Project

Persons with special needs: AVODAH

As a tutor for children with special needs, Elra Smit joined Moms-for-Wellington to be involved with adults with intellectual disability. Currently 8 adults attend sessions focused on improving social and emotional skills.

People with special needs

Pre-Primary school: Klein Juweeltjies

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s we focus on school readiness. Children who do not have a school placement for grade R are invited to Miss Loretta’s “Little Jewels” class, where she focuses on developing skills necessary for Grade 1.
These children also form part of our Tuesday and Thursday gathering of 160 children where we learn, sing and play based on the Word of God.

Thabisa Women

This is a group of very special woman who has been rejected by family, friends and also the community. With prayer and lots and lots and lots of love we tear down the walls created by trauma and abuse. We teach them that they too are valuable.

Once a week we come together drinking coffee, eating cake and just listen to their hearts. We do some creative handwork. Without judging them and unconditional love, we teach them that Jesus will always be there for them and that He is the only ONE that can solve our problems.

His faithfulness never ends. His love endures forever.