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Our Partners

Ma’s vir Wellington Partner with various Stakeholders in die Drakenstein community to ensure the best service delivery to all our beneficiaries.

Valcare is a nonprofit company who ensures that social effort have an actual impact within the communities of the Cape Winelands in South Africa.

Stand Firm personal development services presents Walk with Wounded Children Workshops. Providing primary psychosocial support for children who are emotionally wounded.

AmazingBrainz is a South African registered non-profit company (NPC) founded in 2008. Our AmazingBrainz early childhood development programmes have been specifically designed for the unique southern African context, particularly for marginalised communities. 

Ezrah Community Training and Development NPC promotes ethical service delivery and quality education where children really matter. Through capacity building, leadership development, training and collaboration they empower the next generation as leaders of change. Their flagship programme is the Drakenstein Child Protection Programme to strengthen the child protection sector in the Cape Winelands.