Come and see what the Lord has done!

In this world we live in, with so many opinions, traditions, social media, and just old habits and superstitions, to whom do you listen for what is the Truth? Sometimes you feels like a chameleon on a smartie box – completely mixed up.

This term, Ma’s vir Wellington had a look at what our boxes of “truths” looked like. Truths that are our own believes and that are shaped by time, traditions, how we were raised, and also the communities we live in.

Is what you believe really the truth? Or is it shaped by fear, and what other people, cultures and social media tells you? Do you look in that spesific “box” for the answer when facing a big life decision? Where do you go looking for the truth when in doubt? We place so many of our own opinions, values and identities in boxes, but every box must be tested against the real Truth – God’s Word.

There are only two sides: The Truth and Lies. And if we want to know the Truth, we must read God’s Word. Measure everything against this one Truth…. Just as Jesus himself taught us… “There is written” and then He could replace the lie with the Truth.

The enemy comes to steal, destroy, and confuse…. But Jesus brings us the truth through His Word to set us free!

For every choice or decision that stands at your door today… Go to the Word (Jesus) and learns from Him – the Truth that will not make you suffer and be confused, but will give you freedom and peace.

The aim of our Supersterre Children’s Ministry program is to guide, nurture, guard, and love 3-4-year-old children and to support and equip their parents to promote the children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and development.

Themes:  Heaven; Sin; God made everything good
Activities:  Father’s day card, shapes and colour sorting; playdough and shapes; fine motor skills  threading; cutting and pasting

TESTIMONY:  During the social visitations by our fieldworkers we had a chance to inspect all the dwellings where the children reside and identify high risk houses. We found that more than 20% of our beneficiaries struggled with leaking wendy houses and flood water rushing in on ground level. On rainy days the children do not attend the programs, because of wet clothing, and stay home for long periods due to illness. Ma’s vir Wellington were able to (due to a donation) bless 17 households with waterproof canvasses to sort out the problem of leaking roofs.

The Amazing Brainz program has bi-annual developmental reports. Teachers assessed 64 children enrolled in this ECD program. Each child was evaluated on 5 Amazing Brainz Smart areas, as well as, social and emotional growth. The teachers were able to identify areas where children needed special/extra attention, and how to get the parents involved in the development of the child.

Shape, colours, and puzzles were a huge area that needed more attention. It also gave us a good guideline what to achieve and focus on in the 3rd quarter of the year.

TESTIMONY: Supersterre ECD encourage positive discipline. The children’s good behaviour were rewarded by a “Proud of You” box system. This term altogether 37 children received a box with treats/toys this term, rewarding them for their good achievements and doing their best.

13 Parents also received “Proud Parent” boxes to reward them for 100% attendance of their children

The rainy winter season is a busy time for the Supersterre team. Fieldworkers are hard at work gathering information through home visits for the yearly Winter project. This is also a very difficult time for everyone involved in our programs, because we see children coming to the program in wet and very little warm clothes. This past winter was particularly worse due to the heavy rainfall and snow.

Ma’s vir Wellington runs an annual Winter project. Thanks to individuals, businesses, old age homes and families who stand together, we had another successful project. With this project our aim is to provide each child with a brand-new tracksuit and socks. Depending on donations received, each child also received a new/pre-loved blanket, knitted-with-love beanies, and scarves.

15 Members of the Avodah group each received new warm sweaters and socks.

We are super excited about the growing numbers of the beneficiaries in our Avodah group for Intellectually challenge and special needs adults. At this rate, we will soon be in need of two taxis for transporting members to the program premises. We have currently 16 active members. We are so thankful to be able to serve the families of these members by keeping their loved ones safe for 3 days a week.

Ma’s vir Wellington had an event at Langkloof Roses for all the WOW (Women of Worth) volunteers, and staff members of our organisation. During this event we also incorporate a memorial service to honour and say goodbye to 4 of our WOW “tannie-mammas” who passed away during the last few months. For a long period of time Pamie Lewis, Bettie Willemse, Lettie Lovember and Elsie Willemse served the children in our programs with much love. Some of them were with our organisation from its beginning. For them, Ma’s vir Wellington NPC was also a place of safety, love, and growth in their own personal lives. It was a great way to commemorate and honour them for the time, love and care they imparted into the children of Carterville. Their personal example of faith, care and serving hearts continue to live on in us. Each of them contributed to the future of the children they worked with. Our hearts are warmed to know that each of them knew the Lord as their Lord and saviour. We praise His name for we know that they are re-united with our Father.

TESTIMONY:  Harriet is one of the amazing women in our programs that every one can look up to. Harriet has a cerebral disabled child, needing 24-hour day care and support. At the birth of her daughter, *K was diagnosed with Beckwith Wiedeman Syndrome. Having a physically disabled child is taking a toll on Harriet’s physical health. Even though this is a tough life for Harriet, she still comes to serve the children at our Children’s Ministry on Wednesday mornings. She serves them wholeheartedly, participating in activities with the children, worshipping God and then feed and teach 3-4year-olds in her small group.

We want to honour Harriet and tell her how we appreciate her bringing love, nurturing, and security to the lives of the ministry’s children

Please pray for the following challenges for our children:

Funding for programs and operational costs


Minibus (22-seater) transport for beneficiaries 


Parents lack of commitment and understanding the importance their children’s education


Huge decline in household income and lack of working opportunities for parents


Social intervensions for physical and emotional abuse

How can you help? Get involved in the following projects:

School Bag Project

When the children graduate from our ECD program at the age of 5/6-years-old, they each receive a fully kitted school bag during a special graduation ceremony. We aim to send them off prepared, for this exciting new season of their lives.

If you want to get involved in this project, contact Lizette Ferreira 0843687667

December Food Project

This project includes the packing and distribution of food parcels for the December holidays. As programs are closed during the school holidays, the children are often underfed and hungry during this time.  The food parcels will help parents to better care for their children.

If you want to get involved in this project, contact Lizette Ferreira 0843687667